Saga de las Piedras Mágicas Book 4: O Círculo do Medo – The Circle of Fear

Saga of the Stones of Power Portuguese, Portugal: Editorial Presença Translation rights available This saga over various generations takes place in a world of islands and vast reaches of sea, filled with magic and learning, led by Druids and threatened by Viking warriors. The sorceress Aranwen renounced her magical powers to marry a human. To avoid them falling into dangerous hands, Aranwen trapped the powers within seven beautiful stones made into a necklace, but many will try to capture the necklace and use the powers. Book 4: O Círculo do Medo - The Circle of Fear

Edwina mourns the loss of Edwin and accepts Ivarrs in marriage in order to provide an heir to the Viking lands. But rumours abound and a strange fusion of the sun and the moon is said to bestow the wisdom of the gods upon mortals... what really happened to Edwin and will Edwina and her allies be able to overcome the dangers?

Sandra Carvalho


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