Saga of the Stones of Power / Book 1: The Last Sorceress

The SAGA OF THE STONES OF POWER is a saga over various generations that takes place in a world of islands and vast reaches of sea, filled with magic and learning, led by Druids and threatened by Viking warriors. The sorceress Aranwen renounced her magical powers to marry a human. To avoid them falling into dangerous hands, Aranwen trapped the powers within seven beautiful stones made into a necklace, but many will try to capture the necklace and use the powers.


A Última Feiticeira (The Last Sorceress): The story starts with Catelyn, who lives through terrible events, with Viking attacks and promised in marriage to a violent man. She will discover her powers as the last sorceress of Aranwen’s line. She will have to use the Stone of Time to help her people and herself, though this will be the start of a huge struggle to obtain the Stones of Power, which will traverse countries and three generations.


Sandra Carvalho
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