THE MINX is a fantasy trilogy set on an alternative Earth called Orson, flooded years before the story starts.  The few survivors were rescued by the Minx, a secretive race with powerful skills they can share with the survivors.  Now, women and children can choose to live peacefully in the Minx Lands, where the Skills are not needed, or join the rest in Orson. where the Skills are a necessary part of life.  The waters have receded and Orson is divided into several areas: Libertine and Tower are organised into societies with different aims, while The Edge is a barren area on the sea, inhabited by people who do not have any Skills.

Book One: Tower
Izzy and her friends the twins Bella and Beatrix go to Minx Hall to be trained by the Minx, who will open their minds to their innate Skills.  They are joined by Anya and irritating Shayne, all about the same age (13 or so).  Izzy’s Minx is Tarna, and Izzy soon discovers she is very good at Creation - making and unmaking things - but she has problems with communication (Farspeak, telepathic conversations with others) and Fartravel.  As Izzy practices on her own, she accidentally walks through a door in her mind and appears in a very strange place.

Izzy’s inexplicable disappearance from Minx Hall causes her mother Amma and the other girls to travel immediately to Orson, landing in Libertine.  They discover that Izzy is in Tower, where Culross, the leader, is keen to use her tremendous Creation skills and that strange Fartravel ability that brought her to Tower without the aid of the Minx.  Izzy has to find a way to escape but she does not know who she can trust...

Book Two: Libertine will find Izzy free from Culross, but being followed by Kattick, his unpleasant head of security.  Shayne discovers some unpalatable truths about her family and Amma has to decide if she will stay in Orson or return to Minx Lands.  There is constant danger as Culross wants to invade the Minx Lands, convinced that they are hiding huge power sources, and that Izzy is the key.

Book Three: Lagoon.  Izzy and Will, the young man who helped her in Tower, have to escape from Culross again and the very existence of the Minx may depend on them...

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