The Secrets of Silence – Los Secretos del Silencio

Los Secretos de Silencio – The Secrets of Silence

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Marcelo´s life is a disorganised, incomplete mess because of other people's secrets that surround and fill it with loneliness, uncertainty, distrust and fear, and finally lead to melancholy and nostalgia.

Abandoned at birth, and admitted to the local orphanage after surviving dangers, something unexpected and unknown slips into his everyday life, something that at any age, could be considered undoubtedly love, the biggest, purest and most sincere love that one can feel. But the secrets that surround him destroy everything that he has lived and felt.

Set in Jerez and its surroundings from 1941 on, it recreates the atmosphere of repression and fear in society with open wounds and the redemption of love.

Juan Antonio Piñero
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