The Navigators

Los Navegantes – The Navigators

Spanish rights: Edhasa

Translation rights available

With Ferdinand Magellan began one of the most fascinating sagas of Spanish naval history, a great feat in which the tenacity of a handful of brave men triumphed against the superior forces of nature and the stratagems of the Portuguese crown.

Having arrived in the Philippines by the western route, Elcano set up a link with the East. This was the culmination of an adventure which had put the skills of one of the most daring cartographers and navigators ever to have come from Spain - Andrés de Urdaneta - firmly to the test and which Miguel López de Legazpi brilliantly finished off with the conquest of the islands on behalf of the Spanish crown.

Following an exhaustive and meticulous historical investigation, the journey turns into an enthralling account of the difficulties that these four Spanish heroes come up against and recreates, with great narrative strength, a large part of the stories that make up Spanish naval history.

Edward Rosset
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