III – Dark Tides

Saga : The Chronicles of Allaryia

Portuguese, Portugal: Editorial Presença

Translation rights available.

Full English translation of Volume 1 available

III - Dark Tides

After a long and grueling journey, the companions are one step from their final destination: Asmodeon, where Aewyre hopes to unveil the mystery behind his father’s disappearance. The bonds of friendship that bind the young warrior to his companions have been sorely tested and are now stronger than ever, but that strengthening came with a price, and the resulting wounds will not easily heal.Old enemies return to torment the group, and unbeknownst to the companions, insidious opponents dwell in the shadows of Val-Oryth, all of them in rabid search for the sword Ancalach. In the distance, the Dark Tides are once again rising, harking back to a shadowy past and auguring troubled times for Allaryia and all its people.

Filipe Faria

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