Gerardo Prieto Madrazo


Married and father of two daughers, Gerardo Prieto Madrazo was born in Cantabria and lives with his family in Santander, when he is not travelling around the Americas, Africa or the Caribbean.   He has three published novels.

With a degree in journalism he specialises in sports writing and has a regular column in El Periódico (Grupo Zeta), as well as contributing to other national Spanish newspapers and sports publications. He is the editor of the commemorative books for the 20th and 25th editions of the International Italica Cross (cross-country race), published in 2003.

As an athlete, he has participated in both medium- and long-distance international competitions. He is the director of several cross-country competitions and international athletics meetings in Cantabria, Barcelona and Seville. Both as journalist and manager of an distinguished list of athletes, he has been involved in every Olympic Games since Los Angeles 1984, as well as the most important athletics competitions around the world.


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