Filipe Faria


Filipe Faria was born in 1982 in Lisbon. He attended the German School of Lisbon from Kindergarten until the 12th grade, where the contact and familiarity with German culture broadened his horizons, clashing with his oh-so very Portuguese upbringing. He has a degree in Modern Languages and Literature.

Driven by a strong interest in the medieval period, and the fortuitous discovery of one certain J.R.R. Tolkein in the school library, his passion for heroic fantasy literature grew from an early age. The ‘Chronicles of Allaryia’ were his debut in the literary world, heralded by the first volume, the award-winning The Gauntlet of Karasthan. He has now completed this saga and the first two volumes of the next series -They Used to Live Happily Ever After- a fascinating reinterpretation of fairytales, are now available.

  • Awards: Prémio Branquinho da Fonseca
    • Young adult fiction (2001)
  • Prémio Matilde Rosa Araújo
    • Young adult breakthrough (2003)
  • Other honors
    • Inclusion in the Portuguese National Reading Plan (2006)


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