FLOW! Find happiness in the present moment

FLUYE!  Vive la felicidad en el presente
FLOW!  Find happiness in the present moment
by Drª Pilar Fernández Marín & Drª María  del Mar Morales Hevia

The concept of Flow, that is to say, reaching a state of complete awareness and enjoyment of the present moment -and any activity one is carrying out- was described four decades ago and there are many books about this phenomenon.  However, there is very little information about how to actually achieve flow, to make this desirable state available to everyone, in the here and now.
This book is an excellent practical exploration of what comprises flow, how to achieve it and how to consciously practice flow in all walks of life.  It covers daily life at home and at work, sports, study and relationships with other people.
The first three chapters introduce the concept of flow and different models to understand and measure flow, and include practical exercises so that reader will have the basic knowledge necessary to start practicing flow.  The next five chapters focus on different aspects, from establishing the parameters of flow to incorporating mindfulness, which is very close to flow, into our daily lives, so as to live a joyful, happy life.
In a clear, straightforward style, the book includes explanations, anecdotes and examples, as well as exercises and practical advice on how to apply flow to one’s own life.  Each chapter ends with a brief summary of the points covered.  The book includes:

  • Questionnaires and self-evaluation to discover when we flow
  • Advice and tips to aid flow
  • Exercises to practice being attentive and focussed
  • Routines to make the most of and enjoy every moment
  • Keys to understand the link between flow and mindfulness

The explanations are easy to understand for readers who have no prior knowledge of flow, and the practical format with clearly defined sections, exercises, diagrams and recaps, make this an ideal title for a wide readership interested in improving the quality of life and in discovering a practical route to finding happiness in their daily lives.
Spanish language: EDAF
220 pages, including bibliography and index.
Translation rights available
English extract available (complete Contents index and Chapter 3)

Pilar Fernández
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