The Gauntlet of Karasthan

Saga : The Chronicles of Allaryia

Portuguese, Portugal: Editorial Presença

Translation rights available.

Full English translation of Volume 1 available

I - The Gauntlet of Karasthan

In the cosmic vastness, there is a world called Allaryia, wherein dwell great heroes and infamous villains, beings of indescribable beauty and heinously malefic creatures, mighty nations and tyrannical empires in like measure. After many ages of concord and discord, peace now apparently reigns in Allaryia, but it is an unsettling calmness, much like the silence before a storm.

The Gauntlet of Karasthan tells the perilous journey of a ragtag band of adventurers, as they seek the legendary Gauntlet for guidance in their quest to uncover the fate of their nation’s greatest hero, the most significant loss after the last great war. As they travel through a world mollified by peace and unwilling to revisit the horrors of the past, the adventurers fail to realize that their thoughtless pursuit threatens to reawaken a sleeping, hidden menace that is only biding its time to be released. The very menace that the hero they seek is said to have perished with…

An unforgettable adventure boasting a diverse and relatable cast of characters, fueled by high-octane action and a distinct youthful verve that turned it into the most successful Portuguese book of its kind and genre, with two literary awards to its name and an inclusion in the governmental initiative “Ler +”, the Portuguese National Reading Plan.

Filipe Faria
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