The Fate of the Shadow

Saga : The Chronicles of Allaryia

Portuguese, Portugal: Editorial Presença

Translation rights available.

Full English translation of Volume 1 available

VI - The Fate of the Shadow

The gods are dead, and their fall leaves Allaryia on the brink of a spiraling descent into chaos and destruction. The seeds of the Scourge’s plans are now bearing fruit, and Aewyre Thoryn and his companions are the only ones aware of the insidious threat, as well as the only ones with any hope of fighting it. The race against time has begun, as renegade servants of the Scourge plot Ul-Thoryn’s downfall. A threat from times immemorial approaches, threatening to nip the resistance against the Scourge in the bud. This is the turning point of the Eightth Age, after which nothing shall ever be the same again in Allaryia.

Filipe Faria

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