The Children of the Scourge

Saga : The Chronicles of Allaryia

Portuguese, Portugal: Editorial Presença

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II - The Children of the Scourge

Aewyre and his companions carry on with their quest to reach Asmodeon and lift the veil of secrecy which shrouds the vanishing of Aezrel Thoryn, but many are the obstacles in their path. Now separated, the group will have to depend on each other more than ever in order to survive: Quenestil and Babaki have departed in search of Slayra and her captors, while the rest of the group march ahead towards the hostile steppes of Karatai, hot on the heels of Kror, the enigmatic drahreg that shares the enigmatic Essence of the Blade with Aewyre. Having removed the sword Ancalach from its resting place, Aewyre has awakened the Children of the Scourge from their long torpor, and set in motion a series of troubling events. Evil reaches out from the shadows in insidious tendrils, biding its time as its true

intentions remain inscrutable. Danger looms in Allaryia, unbeknownst to its inhabitants, and the determination of Aewyre and his companions will be put to the test, as will their strength in arms.

Filipe Faria

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