O Perraultimato – The Perraultimatum

Saga : Happily Ever After, Perhaps

Portuguese, Portugal: Editorial Presença

Translation rights available.

  • O Perraultimato – The Perraultimatum

Everyone know the stories: glass slippers, poisoned apples, charming or charmed princes and bad wolves. And everyone knows that at the end, those who deserve it live happily ever after. Then why hasn't that happened? Why does everybody seem unhappy? Perhaps because no-one behaves the way they should?

Cinderello, worried by all these questions, finds he is one of the very few who feel that something is very wrong, and the only person who is determined to search for answers. Some arrive in the form of cryptic verses sent by the mysterious Perraultimatum and that sets him off to look for real essence of the stories. Accompanied by four characters from popular European folklore – the unpredictable Little Red Riding Hood, the enigmatic Apprentice, the tormented Vasilisa and the dangerous Donkey – Cinderello starts out on an unforgettable adventure in this first volume of the folklore dystopia.

Filipe Faria
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