IV – The Essence of the Blade

Saga : The Chronicles of Allaryia

Portuguese, Portugal: Editorial Presença

Translation rights available.

Full English translation of Volume 1 available

IV - The Essence of the Blade

Even though the armies of Asmodeon have been repelled, the bloody and painful quest that took Aewyre and his companions through Allaryia ended in defeat, as the Scourge has returned from the shadows. The secret behind his father unveiled, the young warrior departs towards the Citadel of the Blade, where he must learn to wield the Essence of the Blade he now shares with Kror, or fight for it in a struggle to the death with the drahreg.

Ancient dangers creep once again into Allaryia, and the Scourge’s schemes finally begin to reveal themselves, as nightmares from the past threaten to become a very

real danger in the present. The one hope resides within Aewyre and his companions in their newfound quests, but can they possibly prevail against such overwhelming might?

Filipe Faria

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