Daniel Blanco


Daniel Blanco, born in Huelva in 1978, graduated with a degree in Journalism from the University of Seville and is currently doing his doctorate in the Literature Department of the Faculty for Communication. He obtained a Masters in Creative Writing (2011) and is in the first year of History of Art at UNED (National University of Distance Education).

He has worked as a journalist for a number of years for the El Correo de Andalucía newspaper, specialising in culture and society. He has also worked in press rooms and provided the captions for one of the itinerant exhibitions on the Spanish Constitution (La Pepa 1812-2012).

In 2009 he published his book Cita con la vida, on the history of transplants in Cordoba, with a prologue by the writer Antonio Gala.

He has won more than two dozen national competitions for short story writing, theatre and children’s books, including the XXVIII edición de los Premios Literarios Jaén (Jaén Literary Prize) in the children’s literature category with ‘El secreto del amor’ (The Secret of Love), his first novel, published by Editorial Montena.


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