El Kiosco de Buenas Noticias

El Kiosco de Buenas Noticias – The Good News Kiosk

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What if one day we decide to start smiling and to see the beautiful things that surround us? This revelation came to José, a war veteran, 40 years old, when he decides to transform his newspaper and magazine Kiosk into something a little more original...Maybe ridiculous or even a bit naïve.

This morning we have opened the Good News Kiosk. The first 10 clients will get, as well as their newspaper of choice, some good news, a chocolate bar to sweeten the morning and if we are lucky, a smile”

But everything is not as sweet as chocolate and José and his young assistant will have to face difficulties and danger, and take important decisions which will affect their lives and those of others.

Javier Rico Douglas
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